our purpose

The Sawyer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that partners with charities to change people's lives around the world through Sawyer's Point of Use water filters. These projects allow organizations to partner with Sawyer in its global mission to bring clean water to communities in developing countries.

We also invest in programs to help foster care kids transition into society by equipping them with technological and marketable skills. The program pairs young men aging out of foster care with trained, experienced men who walk with them through a series of competencies and proficiencies that ultimately produces faithful husbands, loving fathers, active community members, and positive contributors to society.

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give the gift of clean water

100% of donations to the Sawyer Foundation go to clean water projects, empowering our non-profit partners to distribute Sawyer filters to families in the most remote corners of globe.

clean water projects

From the remote, Central-Pacific attolls of the Marshall Islands to high-population slums outside of Nairobi, our partners are working every day to equip families with clean water.

What does it take to reach an entire community sustainably? Read about our international clean water projects over on the Sawyer site.